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  1. Thank you for the kind advice! I’ll have a search for delta trainers around my area and try and get in foot in the industry. Thanks again
  2. Thanks, I will try facebook groups as advised!
  3. Hi all! I’m planning on studying the cert IV course with Delta this year and pursue my dream as a dog trainer. My main concern is component 4, where I have been advised that I will need to be running my own classes or employed as a trainer. I wouldn’t know where to begin in starting my own business. What if I am unable to find clients or job positions? What at was your experience in this component/overall course? Any help is really appreciated!
  4. Hi all! Just wondering if any has completed their Cert IV in Companion Animal Services with Hanrob? Trying to pursue a career as a dog trainer, but I’m still deciding on where I should study. Has anyone done this with Hanrob? If so, what are your thoughts? Tossing up with Delta and NDTF as well but there are many forums on this topic already haha I have little experience in the industry (except for my own dog) and am just starting out so any advice is much appreciated!