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  1. Pain relief

    Hope your pup is okay now. I gave our little Rocky (who was neutered recently) some ice chips, and later a bit of food (we feed raw) as he was ravenous. Bit I agree with others. I once gave the pain meds to my other dog and it caused him to pop his stitches because he didn't feel anything. So I won't do it again. In my opinion, a small amount of discomfort is more reasonable to me than having to knock him out again.
  2. Ideas to extend part of fence height in rental

    Have you considered the chicken wire style fencing with post to extend upward? It may not look pretty but it could do the job. http://www.unchainyourdog.org/FenceExtend.htm
  3. Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

    I bought a Shark Navigator Pro last December, and it's supposedly comparable to the Dysons. We have three shedding dogs in our house, so stick wasn't an option. We have mostly hardwood floors and the carpet that we do have (in bedrooms) will gradually be phased out. We also have a roomba, and I'll tell you why. The Shark is several years old, but it's suction is stronger than the roomba's, so it cleans more thoroughly. It's sort of like dusting - gets up surface dirt/pet hair and makes the carpet look nice.
  4. Dogs in paintings - Mitchell Library

    Me too. At the time, her presentation style was a breath of fresh air compared with the stuffed shirts we normally saw talking about art either in hushed tones or putting their own importance ahead of the art. The picture is wonderful!
  5. Debarking

    I'm so sorry for both of you. You should probably find a good behaviorist near you to deal with the anxiety. I don't think there is any magic answer. We just kept trying every bit of advice until I found something that clicked with my dog. I know it is very frustrating when there's no instant effect, but they are worth the effort. Only after about two months of classes I was able to slowly wean my dog off the medication. I consulted multiple trainers and several behaviorists, and now we're fine. Personally I would never have one of my own dogs debarked though I can understand why some people might be forced to consider it. And I have a friend who has a much beloved Australian Cattle Dog who barks at everything all of the time. Her neighbors kept calling the police because of the nuisance barking, even when the dog was in the house you could hear him several houses away. Out of desperation to not have her dog get her fines or possibly be taken away she had her vet surgically sever his vocal cords. He still barks constantly but the sound is a very soft, vaguely duck quack.