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  1. Thank you to everyone for your replies, I really appreciate the feedback. This morning we returned to the dog park and our pup tried to snatch the ball from a border collie and was pinned down and growled at again. Everyone was correct, this had nothing to do with the pitbull breed, but my pups behaviour. I have decided it was an irresponsible move to put my pup and other dogs in that position, so I am going to enrol him in dog training so he can learn his manners, and return to the dog park when we trust him to come when called and respect the other dogs
  2. Hi everyone, The other day I was taking my dog to a dog park nearby, my dog is a 5 month old samoyed, so he still hasn't learned his manners but the other dogs usually tolerate him and are all friendly. This time there was a pitbull there, and I know this breed is misunderstood, but I am always cautious when dealing with them and Jack Russels, only because he has had bad experiences with them. At first they were playing nicely and then my puppy put his paw on the pitfalls face and before I could blink the pitbull had him pinned to the ground and was growling. The owner
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