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  1. Blackmores did reply to my email, Sarah Howard | Technical Services Veterinarian, She has requested vet details, visit history, etc. I've spoken to the vet and he is reaching out direct. He (the vet) has indicated he has multiple cases of similar stories which, allegedly, could be related, so I am fully believing this is not coincidence, ardor a batch issue. My dogs have NEVER been better since I stopped using the PAW Senior Vitality Powder. I am 100% convinced it ws this that caused seizures in both of them. HDTEE
  2. I had poor experiences with this product. This product caused seizures in my 2 x elderly pet dogs and they had never had them before. Once I stopped using the powder they returned to normal, but not before witnessing upsetting and frightening seizures and multiple emergency visits to the vet hospital, etc. I've written Blackmores, and surprisingly the product has been unavailable now for many months. Anyway, I am not after anything - just letting people know that the product is questionable and I'm convinced the product unavailability is not a coincidence, albeit I haven't read or come across anything to support the same, other than my experiences. Cheers HDTEE