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  1. And as for making a profit, would you rather me put them down cos, this is not about money ffs, I just wanted some advice on what to do. I sincerely wish id never bothered to ask
  2. Juice sorry but just cos im not a dog breeder doesnt mean im stupid. But trying to understand all the different laws that have come in the last 12mths when there is just tidbits of info online, is like pulling teeth. So I thought I'd ask here. The person who this dog was bought off of is a registered Frenchie breeder, she also shows her dogs. She is an anka member. You would think that would be enough to trust her to do the right thing. Perhaps she just saw a disabled man and decided to screw him over, which makes it so very much worse. who knows how many other people have been fooled by this same breeder? I realise that limited papers means the dog cant be bred, it's written in big letters across her paperwork. My friend had no intentions of breeding, he just wanted a companion Yes I asked for advice because I thought I would get some helpful answers which i have thankyou....i appreciate all who have voiced their advice and opinions. I am dead against backyard breeding, and if we had known of this pending litter i wouldve asked the vet to have them aborted and her spayed on the spot, but that was not the case. So I'm doing all I can with the situation we have. To be honest, it really shine a light as to just cos your an anka member, doesnt mean you are professional and play by the rules. If I'd known he wanted a dog i wouldve done more research, and certainly wouldn't have let him get a Frenchie, let alone one in pup. I will be getting legal advice about this situation, and will be reporting this breeder to anka and DACO. This thread can be deleted by the moderators now. I have the answers i need, thankyou. Have a lovely day;)
  3. And for those who want to judge the mother dog has pedigree paper, 5hey are limited registration. My friend, who is on DSP for reason i dont need to explain, and just wanted a loyal companion. He spent the majority of his savings to do so and made the choice himself and was saving to get her spayed asap. He had no idea she was in pup until a week before hand, when he asked me to come and look at her. We took her to the vet and an ultrasound confirmed 7 pups, she was due to have c-section under vet advice but gave birth naturally. I posted on here because I am my friends carer, and that's my job to help him. We have made several attempts to contact the owner, even went to her house, but with no success. I have spend the last two weeks not only looking after the pups and mum for him but endless hours researching answers to our predicament. I tried contacting DACO and even 2wks later i was no closer to getting answers. Until I posted on here, until I came on here today i was welcomed and received good advice. If you want to judge anyone, judge the breeder, for not offering the support promised on her website and gumtree advert. Perhaps my friend was naive when purchasing this dog but we are not to blame for the predicament we are in. I just want my friend and myself to recoup the costs of these pups he didn't expect or want, and to find them loving pet homes. Again thankyou for those who gave friendly advice. And thankyou to those who have judged the situation Best of luck to you all x
  4. I apologise for posting on this forum looking for advice which i thought thats what this forum is about. If you read the circumstances you would realise the dog was sold already in pup whether accidently or not. To be quite blunt i have me reason to bullshit my story, and honestly thought I could get some suggestions. There is currently no proof these puppies are not purebred, but not being knowledgeable about the breed, I thought I'd ask here as I am not getting any success elsewhere Again, I apologise for even posting on here at all. My original thought of being judged for a genuine situation has now made me feel like a criminal, neither myself or my friend do not see dollar signs just the recuperation of costs of something out of our control, and to find homes where they will be looked after properly. I now feel unwelcome on here, so will no longer be commenting on this thread, so say what you will. I also wont be bothering to post for advice in the future, as being ridiculed is not something I enjoy or should have to put up with. Thankyou to those who gave helpful advice, it is very appreciated.
  5. Hi guys I have done some research and had a long chat to my friend. We have decided that we are going to sell the pups as Frenchies x's. I have become a DACO breeder, as I need to be to sell them in S.A., they get vaccinated and microchipped in 5wks, then I'll be advertising them, probably on Gumtree. To surrender to AWL or RSPCA in S.A. it costs $70, which covers desexing etc. which is fair enough. This way i can screen homes for them and they won't be used for breeding, as they will have to be desexed at 6mths, being microchipped there will be a record. I can't see them taking long to sell. Then with the proceeds mum will be spayed. I have mum and pups at mine as its easier for me to care for them. The two girls im supplement feeding under vet advice, as they are very small and struggling to feed off mum. Their boofhead brothers are hogs lol I'm a little tired doing so much research, feeding etc. lol but I think this is the best option now. The big shame about all of this is I'm quite confident they are pure frenchies, or frenchie x bulldog:( Thankyou again;)
  6. Btw mum will be spayed as soon as possible;) Until then shes staying inside just in case lol Cheers
  7. Thankyou everyone, I think that's the way we might go, surrender them to a shelter, like said the vet work will get done (something he can't afford as the vet bill has already stretched his limit and mine atm) Then we will know proper homes will be found. Also it wont let me post a pic, apparently the pics i have are too big lol I appreciate all of your advice, the whole thing has changed so much since I bred labs many years ago. I don't think i could do breeding again haha Thankyou again from a complete novice;)
  8. And thats what im afraid of, is them getting sold to the wrong type of people. What's stopping a buyer not desexing one of the females and going to a vet and getting her AI'd to a pure frenchie, and then trying to selling the pups on as pure Frenchies. Does microchipping avoid that happening, how do you include the cost of desexing in the price.... This is so confusing.... I'll be doing a lot of googling today i guess lol
  9. They are very cute i must admit, I'd take one myself but I'm not a little dog person lol, I have a rotti. If they are advertised on Gumtree, do we just put them as Frenchies x. As I prob said i dont breed dogs, this is all new to both of us, I'm sorry if I'm asking silly questions. Thankyou for being understanding, I appreciate your help guys
  10. They are very cute i must admit, I'd take one myself but I'm not a little dog person lol, I have a rotti. If they are advertised on Gumtree, do we just put them as Frenchies x. As I prob said i dont breed dogs, this is all new to both of us, I'm sorry if I'm asking silly questions. Thankyou for being understanding, I appreciate your help guys
  11. The pups will definately be vaccinated and microchipped before being rehomed. Mother is french bulldog and its hard to tell properly at this stage but they do look like mum and resemble photos of pups ive looked at on line. This is definately not about making money but in S.A. you can only sell puppies without papers for under $500....To me thats going to look weird when the prices ive seen on Gumtree are $3-5k. I don't care if they are given away as long as they go to homes that are going to look after them properly. Thanks again
  12. Hi Thankyou for all your replies, I'm not sure i am comfortable revealing the breed as i dont want myself or my friend ridiculed for possibly being niave....but he paid $3.5k for this dog, far too much in my opinion lol but she has become his best friend. I will contact my state organisation, and see what I can find out, hopefully talk to a human lol. I'm sorry I'm being vague, but I don't want it all blown out of proportion toward any specific breeds, just in case there is a simple solution to this whole thing. Hope that makes sense lol Thankyou for all your help, hopefully this will be sorted soon and we can find good homes for these babies, if required we will surrender them. In the meantime they have been properly vet checked are being spoilt rotten I'll reply when I know more Cheers
  13. The pups were born 7-8wks later from what I know, after purchase. The new owner is not a registered breeder as he just wanted the dog as a pet. The pups are now 3wks old, he's tried to contact the original owner but they won't answer his calls. As said the paper work sent out is limited register, which i know means no breeding or showing. When I mean is he in trouble? Without the help of the original owner i understand he can't sell the pups without the bitch having mains register, and could get fines for trying to do so. Honestly he just wanted a pet and felt instead of a puppy he would get an older dog. He had plans to spay her, she has not been in contact with any male dogs since being in his care as she is an inside dog and is with him 24/7 (he's on DSP) It's all very confusing, is there a phone number he or I can ring to try and sort this out? I'm not up to date with how it works either, I couldnt to find answers online, so I thought I'd try here. Thankyou for replying
  14. I'm asking for a friend of mine who purchased a female dog, not desexed, was told she was used for breeding. Unfortunately a few months later, surprise theres a litter of pups. She was obviously mated before sold. The problem he contact the previous owner as he didn't receive her paperwork, and told the breeder of the litter of pups. A week later he received the pedigree papers and they were limited pedigree. So now he is worried that he is in big trouble after reading all the rules. Any advice on what he can do?
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