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  1. Thanks! I did find one breeder that has Irish from working lines last night. But need to find out more info on their practices/protocols.
  2. It’s more import fees etc. Plus requirements of airlines, quarantine fees. I was going to bring a dog over from the states and all up it would have cost at minimum $6000 USD with a qualified and reasonable pet transport company. Actually more like $9-10k if needing the larger crate (Right now Qantas is the only airline legally allowed to import dogs from LAX to Melbourne. Airlines charge based on crate size. And only certain domestic airlines have room for the larger crate which means more modes of travel needed and extra layovers). This is not including the cost of buying a dog. NZ would be much cheaper as they don’t require the import fee, all the other import legal requirements, are much closer, and don’t require quarantine. Do you have any further info on the breeder who used to breed field Gordon’s? I’d love to get in touch. Thanks for the tip on contacting gundog clubs.
  3. Hi! I’ve checked in breeder listings at dogzonline and so far can’t find any, but in case anyone here knows of any... Is there anyone at all in Australia or New Zealand, who breeds field type Gordon Setters?? Failing that, Llewellin setters (English), or Irish setters that also bred more for working than for show. Or, failing that, anyone who breeds Small Munsterlanders? My last girl was a field type Gordon. I love the breed and am really hoping to find another... unfortunately import fees are way too expensive for me to consider shipping a pup over.
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