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  1. Hey everyone! I have a 1 and a half year old greyhound female and a 5 year old greyhound male, both rescued a few months ago. We rescued the girl first and not long after the boy. The issue is with the girl Misty. We toilet trained misty when we got her nice and slowly and it didn't take her long and not many accidents for her to get the hang of going outside, as well as holding it in at night. When we got her when she used to need to go she would let us know by standing at the door and whining etc but over time she just held it in until we took them (we take them outside every 3-4 hours). She doesn't drink much water. She hadn't had an accident for weeks after we toilet trained her, however about 5 weeks ago she's started to have very random accidents at very strange intervals and instances. For example, 2 weeks ago I took her toilet, then dropped my missus at work and when I got home she had peed on the couch. I was only gone for 10 minutes. Very strange as we can leave her for up to even 5-6 hours and she's fine. Last night she peed on the carpet at night where she sleeps, which she has NEVER done at night since the day we got her not even once. She didn't try to wake us up like she usually does either as I'm a light sleeper and would've woken up. A month ago I was on the couch and she randomly ran into the bedroom and started peeing on the carpet. I had only taken her toilet half an hour prior. We took her to the vet to test for any urinary infections and it turned out negative. Anyone have any idea what it could be? It has always happened either on the couch, on our bed or on the carpet, and happens at such strange times. It isn't common either, maybe once a week. Nothing in the house has changed its still me and my partner, quiet apartment in a quiet area, everythings the same we take them dog park for runs everyday etc. All help is much appreciated! She doesn't have any separation anxiety, as we've left a camera inside to see what she does when we leaves and she just sleeps on the bed or couch like all greyhounds do hahaha.
  2. Randomly urinating very rarely?

    I've never heard of spay incontinence and the vet never said anything. I just searched it up and it definitely could be possible, I might have a chat with the vet about checking for it. Yeah we've gone back to training her and the weather hasn't really affected her, she goes perfectly outside, its just very rare random times where she'll pee inside. I'll definitely have a chat with the vet about spay incontinence. Thank you so much for the help!