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  1. @teddybeans thanks for your great advise. I aggree , I would like to keep him on a raw food diet rather than dry, I just find overall except his feet he reacts well with it. I was thinking to go down the barf avenue , which will eliminate me adding any veg etc as it already contains all of that and bone, even though I do give Basile 2 bones per week as a treat/meal. I used to give him a kangaroo PMR mix which is similar to BARF just no bone content in it but we moved far away from the shop who sold that so then we started making our own veg, I do think he was a bit better on that particular diet, so I will go down to my local pet shop and enquire about the BARF pattys and he is booked in to see the vet tomorrow. He is absolutely fine not a problem at all with anything else just this problem. Fingers crossed . Like you said allergy is a tricky thing to tackle especially on this bread of dogs that are more prone than others.
  2. These particular ones literally are just water wipes no chemicals no fragrance just moistened with water , but good thinking incase
  3. Huge thanks to everyone for there input it makes the world of difference for what I’m going through ! Everyone has been very supportive and informative! Thanks and if anyone else can suggest please do so. Many thanks
  4. @Snookthanks for your opinion it really means a lot . When I walk Basile I try to keep him off the grass (few small nature strips ) as much as I can but as all dogs after he pees he does the scratching marking thing , so I will def get some boots do you know anywhere that would sell decent ones that actually stay on? Also as far as other proteins he has and been on beef mince with the same vegetables I give him now but I found that flared up his tear stains . I hAve heard about the barf before and I think that might be a good option well atkeast for a month or so to see if any improvements? What is your take on what to use after walks ? I currently use just wet water wipes out of the packet ? Do you still think foot soaks should be done ? Or go to the vet and ask for the cortisone or steroid as he hasn’t had that before and his paws are quite inflamed and red ?
  5. That’s right , that’s why I’m in this corner of doubt and dont know what to do next
  6. @persephone thanks for the response , he might only spend 1 hour of the day without one of us there. He just seems to always lick them when laying down ! He knows I get annoyed so he tries doing it sneaky. Okay will do the boots ! Any other suggestions? Do you think I need to change his diet ?
  7. @Rebanne hi Thankyou for the response yes he is clear of mites etc , also he has his monthly topical advocate flea tick etc treatment as well as his heart worm tablet. I’m starting to think it’s his diet ? He has been on this diet a long time I have tried kibbles grain free as when he has anything with grains he develops tear stains and sores (bulldog typical problem) but I’m starting to think I’m doing something wrong with his diet even though I thought and get it was a great diet but maybe not ? I don’t know what else to do! Very upset about this I just want my boy to be free of this ! He and any other dogs deserve to have there 100% health, and I honestly can say I have given him 1000% care since a puppy, but I’m open that I might be doing something wrong unintentionally??
  8. Guys is there another way I can upload any pictures as this won’t let me says file too big? I would like to show you my boys feet
  9. also guys sorry to keep adding he has had a skin scrapping test and vet always says it’s allergy! So frustrating ! Should I change vets ?
  10. Sorry guys also I’m the mornings he has 1/2 cup of organic goats milk . Just thought would add that
  11. Thank you all for the feedback , it has really made a world of difference in my approach. I have taken him to the vet several times as mentioned but he has never had cortisone or Any steroid tablets, he has been on antibiotics before and I do give him sometimes human antihistamine but doesn’t reduce the swelling and redness. As far as the diet he is on are you reccomending to stay on a raw food diet but get one pre made (loaf)? I am starting to think that as much as I and the vet thought his diet was good that this actually be the problem? What are your thoughts on foot soaks and where can I get the tinia powder? Hey guys Thankyou all so much for this help , I’m really stressed and I’n a dark place about this problem at the moment so all your comments help.
  12. Hey guys , this is my first time on here, I have an adorable 3 year old pure bread British bulldog named Basile whom I’m very much attached too. He is on a raw food diet of kangaroo and veg purée (boiled carrots , pumpkin , sweetpatato, eggs, coconut oil ) 450gm per day. I have been having this battle with his paws and in between his toes getting red and inflamed and he consistently licks them which he is now wearing a cone. i have been trying to battle this for 2 years I have tried everything holistic from epsom salt soaks , iodine soaks, vinager soaks, Malasab soaks. I have cleaned every time we walk and rub coconut oil on them , also I have been to the vet whom gave me several creams and powders with no luck! I really love my boy he is my best friend and I do what ever I can for his well-being (even sometimes before myself) he is a health 25kg walked twice daily, he is in great spirits he plays etc never had any other medical conditions , but I just can’t seem to get his paws right and I’m on the verge on stressing out and breaking as nothing is working. So I have turned to anyone that could please give me some advise, words would not be able to explain how appreciative I would be ! Below are some photos of Basile . unfortunatley I am unable to upload pics but his paws and inbetween and underneath are red and inflamed.