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  1. Had my 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks have their Vaccinations ( and as i am not 100% on keeping up with the heart worm tablets ) and my 2yo girl looked at for ? allergies associated with Lantana as she loves to get underneath it ( neighbours have top cut back when dry ) we had Protech BB Protect C4 Vacinations and ProHeart12 Injection advised as i was not good at the tablets. We were prescribed Antibiotics Anti Histamine and some ear drops to stop ear scratching. Left the Vet drove 10 minutes down the road to the breeder and talked for about 20 minutes total time since injections about 45 minutes. The girl started scratching like mad so i gave her 1 Anti Histamine Not 2 as recommended as she clamped down on my thumb. the breeder said get her home to calm down we left drove about 1 2 kl down the road asked my son jokingly did he fart he said not its one of the dogs and they have actual passed faeces so i pulled over opened the back of the car and was met by a Rhodesian Ridgeback that looked like a Chow Pei Respiration rate at over 100 Tachy Cardic Covered in Lumps ( hives ) Totally swollen face and tongue lethargic. Tried ringing the Vet Closed after Hrs trued the breeder told her the story nearest VET Animal referral Hospital Homebush so it was a quick trip there. Got her in to the Vet as i had rung ahead they took her straight in examined her by this time the anti histamine had kicked in as the hives had started to go down a little the Vet at the referral hospital gave IM Anti Histamine and we monitored her he stated that it was most probably caused by the 12 month Heart worm Injection when i rang the breeder back to tell her that my girl was OK she said that some dogs Border Collies Ridgebacks and a few other can be susceptible to the injection. By the way i am a Paramedic and i new the signs of Anaphalaxis / Allergic reaction so i think i am lucky that i still have my girl she still is not 100% but on the mend. Spoke to the Vet Surgery where she had the injection seemed to thing it was something else apart from the injection. Just be aware of ProHeart12