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  1. Hi fellow members, A family member recently made me a wonderful surprise: he gave me a paint by numbers personalized with my favorite picture of James, my mixed-breed corgi! It's not my first paint by numbers but I didn't know it was possible to turn a photo into a custom one! Just started yesterday and I thought you might want to see it so I'll share the progress with you. I added the picture used so that you can compare and imagine the final result. There are a few wrinkles on the canvas, I'll lightly iron it to remove them. Have you ever done such project? Cheers, Louisa
  2. Custom painting progress of my dog

    Finally done! Love the final result & every minute spent on it! I just have to frame it now. Already thinking about the next one I'll get
  3. Custom painting progress of my dog

    You just have to send a picture and they turn it into a paint by numbers. They provide you with the canvas, the paint set (more than enough for the painting but you'll just get the colors that suit your image), 3 brushes, a chart (copy of the canvas in case you need to double-check a number in an area you've already painted) an instruction folder.
  4. Custom painting progress of my dog

    Update #3; almost ended the background! Looking forward to start painting my dog
  5. Custom painting progress of my dog

    That's sad! It's now time to make some again then I'll definitely keep you posted! Here is the result after a few more hours of fun I'm super happy the wrinkles are slightly fading away; I can barely see them anymore!
  6. Custom painting progress of my dog

    Oh, that would be wonderful for her. I'm also thinking of getting one of my old Gus that passed away 2 years ago. He ordered it here: https://www.winniespicks.com