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  1. Sorry to hear about this, it's never nice but it's such a shock when it's happens suddenly RIP Maisie and hugs Kirty
  2. My immediate response was akin to many in the thread, that rehoming ought to be a clean break or it would be too stressful on the dog (and also on the owners!). Then I realised that is completely hypocritical to what was once my own situation. One of my dogs was rehomed to me as an adult because she could no longer be housed safely with the other bitch in the household and keeping them separated was making everyone miserable. Both her previous owner and myself worked for the same dog training school, so she continued to see him on a regular basis and was always excited to see him but never showed any ill effects as a result. She bonded well to me and seeing her previous owner didn't affect that in the slightest. After many years with me my situation changed and for a time she had to live with my Mum instead of with me. Of course I saw her and spent time with her on a regular basis and same story, she was always happy to see me but never displayed any depression or anxiety when I left or was not around. She was a well bred and socialised dog with a great temperament and was already familiar with my Mum and her house as I had been living with my Mum when she was initially rehomed to me. So long story short yes I do think it can work, however there is really no way to know without trying it.
  3. Are you sure that is the case? I've heard of people being able to access the details of people making complaints about them to the council via the freedom of information act. They may not be able to just tell you, but perhaps if you filled out the necessary forms and paid the fee (which is like $25 I think)?
  4. Well, how much is "something like" the picture? It obviously doesn't look exactly like it or else the OP would be satisfied that is was an Anatolian. I've seen Leonbergers that were quite pale so I thought it was worth putting out there for them to take a look just in case
  5. I wouldn't call it a momentary slip, it doesn't sound like you did anything wrong. You saw your dog approaching another, you recalled her and she came. The other people, whether the dog has an issue or not, had their dog on lead and were obviously also supervising well enough to be able to respond to their dogs reaction. Sounds like a win win to me, I just think that speculation based on the assumption that their dog has an issue is pointless because it may be incorrect and you have no other information to go on.
  6. I wouldn't say they were lucky that your dog has a good recall, I'd say you were as the onus was on you to have your dog under control while off lead and your dog approached them. They were at a distance where their dog was non reactive, whether there is a history of dog aggression or not. They may not have been at all unsure about their dog and they may have moved because your dog responded to them at that distance. Even so, everyone is different and just because you wouldn't do something doesn't make it the right or wrong action. A leash free beach is simply a place where dogs are allowed off lead, not to the exclusion of all others wanting to use the beach.
  7. They didn't necessarily "put" their dog in any situation. The fact that the Mal reacted the way it did in this instance does not make it dog aggressive. It could be, but it could also be that it usually doesn't react in that manner, or even that it never has before. It may have recently been attacked by another dog, the people may have only just obtained the dog and not been aware that it would react in that manner, it could have perceived something about your dog or the way she approached to be threatening, there could be hundreds of potential explanations and mitigating factors. Obviously they thought they were a safe distance away from you and in fact they were, until your dog closed the gap by approaching them.
  8. Dogs in Motion used to be at Myuna Farm in Doveton, but I heard they moved. They had a pool, underwater treadmill and a qualified physio. From that link it looks like they are in Moorabin now, although still have services at other locations but not all with hydrotherapy.
  9. I did a paper on this ages ago and there are things that help but I don't remember all the specifics or the studies. I do recall that DHA and EPA are beneficial and foods high in antioxidants. Depending on what you are feeding these may already be supplemented. It's been close to ten years though and no doubt new information is available.
  10. How is your pup today, any improvement?
  11. I can't help but just wanted to say good luck with it. I had a similar issue many years ago but was unable to find a foster arrangement, I hope you have more success
  12. When taken from their mother were they also removed from their litter mates?
  13. B6 is required for the conversion process of tryptophan to serotonin, so it makes sense.
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