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  1. He also eats wet food and treats as well. He doesn’t seem to be a super big eater. He doesn’t finish all his food most of the time. My vet thinks he weighs just about right (he currently weighs 27.6kg) and he’s five and half weeks old.
  2. Hi, my Akita is currently five and half months old. He usually eats 350gms (of Ivory coat puppy large breed) each day. Over the last five days he is not eating enough (approx 200-220gms) and I have noticed some behavioural change e.g., he’s very shy, hesitant and somewhat scared. Not totally sure what really caused this sudden change. We took him to the vet and he’s medically all clear. Just wondering did anyone noticed anything similar? Please advise. Cheers, Kai’s concerned dad.
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