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  1. @DogsfevrThanks he is French brittany. I think they are slightly smaller in size n stature.
  2. Thanks @Tassie , yes he is very active and bright, my concern was his body fat . If that's how he should be I am happy
  3. @DogsfevrYes he has long legs and very fast.. keeps running will not stop. What is conformation?
  4. Thanks @Rebanne I will do that. Thanks for your advice
  5. Thanks. He is very energetic and active ,eats anything not a fussy eater. I gave him home made food and he would poo 5-6 times a day i felt he has a high metabolism. To gain weight i am feeding him 3 times kibbles two times and meat rice etc during the afternoon. He doesn't look unhealthy only leaner maybe that's how he is :).
  6. Ribs are not visible but when u run your palm across u can feel that. Brittany tend to be long leg n masculine side. Yes he has been desexed
  7. Thanks everyone, this is pic took this afternoon. Should I be worried.
  8. @DogsAndTheMobThanks, I tried almost everything. I have been giving home this premium kibble locally made said high in protein and fat. During day time I feed him cut piece,meat and rice with oil sometime organs it hasn't helped much. He look muscular , highly energetic but not much reserved fat or on chubby side. Giving him all wormer on a regular basis as well. I feel he just have a high metabolism. He gets decent exercise take him to dog park often he does just sprint all around the park as he doesn't like playing with dogs much. He is turning 15 months tomorrow. Should I be doing anything differently? Thank you again for your response
  9. @Rebanne thanks he is still in puppy food, do u think should I keep continuing
  10. I have a male Brittany he is almost 15 month old and weigh 13.7kg. I started with raw and wet food and eventually end up feeding him locally made Kibble two times a day since he was 12 month old because I felt kibble may help him gain weight on top i feed him raw food, meat or rice during the day time. I give him kibble more than recommended. However he looks skinny and not gaining much weight. He eats anything and highly active and fit but on skinny side. He poops 4 plus times a day as well drink lots of water I don't know if that's a reason he is not gaining weight.Should I be worried as I would like him to add 1kg extra. Should I be worried or is this normal ?
  11. Finally brought in a brittany puppy few weeks ago from the register breeder in Melbourne. Loving it :). It had it first vaccinations at 6 through breeder and second vaccinations in 10 weeks , last week. Vet told me i can only have final one 6 weeks later at 16. But i read 4 weeks apart so should be at 14. Since puppy schools are mostly closed and or not available till late july feel like i am missing out on dog socialization. So if i can have his shot at 14 i be able to take him out earlier . Just wondering if it is ok to vaccinate at 14 or should i wait till 16 ? So where can i take him as he already had his second shot ? Thanks all in advance for your replies every one has been really helpful and got useful information always.
  12. Thanks @sandgrubber been trying for a while, none available . Some of those breeder even not taking a waiting list
  13. I have been actively looking for a mid size or alarge size dog(pup) . Beagle, irish setter, cocker spaniel, american spaniel ,welsh terrier, lab or a golden retriever pup. Based in melbourne, ready to pick up anytime soon, happy to drive or pay for a delivery. If anyone do have one or about to have one please let me know asap Thanks
  14. Thank @Tassie and @persephone appreciate a lot. i have been researching and going through those videos to prepare myself . Yes my wife is home and not working at the moment so when i am busy she will be looking after the dog :). Absolutely will need plenty of attention.
  15. Thank you everyone for your response . I could manage to pick one litter from registered breeder in Melbourne. Went and checked out both parents and its siblings. Healthy and well taken care. Picking up in 4 weeks. Cant wait to have him. I was researching and setting up for 1.5 yr it was not just purchased out of covid boredom. It was a right time as i will be WFH next 3 months atleast. Thankyou all. Any suggestion on bringing new puppies please do let me know.
  16. Hi , I am based in Melbourne and after brittany puppy as a pet. I have been looking around and none available . Contacted few breeder through dogz online not available till end of this year or next year. I was after brittany due to size, endurance, active and good with people etc. Which suited our lifestyle . Since not many Brittany available are there any other similar breed (character, behavior , intelligent , size) that i can look into. That fits my criteria, i do short to mid length mountain biking, hiking wanted to take them for run etc so endurance is important. Any suggestions be really helpful, Thanks in advance
  17. Thanks all for your response. I have met few people in park with different breeds , did some online quiz . from that I have narrowed down to Brittany spaniel. They are active something I was looking for but not too big, can be outdoor/indoor dog as well. I haven't met anyone with Brittany but from reading online will suits my lifestyles. any suggestions or feedback please let me know. would like to know more . thanks again all.
  18. Thanks everyone for your response. @persephone I went through your response earlier and I do agree, I do love animals but I don't like to have that over attachments. Gave me a hope if I do get slightly grown up puppy (older) we should be fine. @Dogsfevr thanks again, we live a active life, we go biking not like 60 or 100 kms but just a short distance usually mtb and wanted to take dogs with us . Someone at my work told me Blue Heelers : are active and run with you when you go for a bike ride or something, very loyal and easy to train and stronger Beagles : because they are active and easy to train, heard they are hyperactive and leaving them alone is not so good. PWD : is sort of size I was looking for still active dog. I want mid size dog ( I live in suburban area) , active , friendly, good with kids and other dogs, prefer shed less and easy to train. I do want them inside but not always so need dogs that I can leave outside in yard for a period of time. what are other dog breed should I consider ? any suggestion would be good . @Tassie thanks I am planning to visit some dog show in Melbourne, I have been asking dog owners. Setting up my backyard , sides with dog on my mind . As said I maybe able to get someone to check puppy during the day for first month or two. Also thinking of getting a older puppy, would that be hard to train ?
  19. Hi , I am looking for a mid size active dog, looking to buy or adopt a puppy . Even if we adopt wanted to adopt small puppy. thinking of beagles, Portuguese waterdog or Australian cattle dog. Any other suggestion, something that mid size,shed less, active and friendly. Our biggest concern is, what we do when we away for work during weekdays ? Me and my partner leave house around 7 am 4, 5 days a week and home by 6. wondering if we setup right and do properly can we leave puppies at home or do we need to be there all day ? if we get slightly older puppies will that be easy or are there any place that we can drop off during the day and pick later while they are puppies. thanks !!
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