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  1. What you can do is add a little water on his hard dog food and let it absorb for 10 mins so your dog and eat them. You can also try giving him wet food.
  2. In my case, the problem is he would vomit if he ate something before riding the car. He would vomit all over the seat so I decided to just place him at the back and added a divider (but he can still the view). The solution I did is just to not feed him at least an hour before we go on the road. Maybe what you can do is someone in your house can pet him while inside the car. What my dog also do to enjoy inside the car is I put the windows down and he seems to be so happy when he sees so many people and trees.
  3. What I use is a harness since he would try to really run and I feel like he's choking when I use a collar.
  4. I searched about this since I was so bothered by his scratching on our matress before we would sleep. Found out that it's in their genes to do that since dogs before would hunt and would really dig the soil.
  5. I got mine from Daiso they have a branch at Midtown Plaza. But they only have a raincoat for small dogs.
  6. I think that's not really a problem unless that bothers you since you gotta buy a new pen and toothbrush again and he's not swallowing the item. Just make sure to remove the ink when he's chewing the pen but right now I'm also thinking that what if he would poke his eyes while chewing the pen..that would be so dangerous so maybe just get the sharp objects and give him rubber toys you can buy in pet stores.
  7. It's sad that he's barking because of the rain. I think it's because of past experience. My poodle doesn't bark when it rains but he hides under our sofa and I don't want him to be scared of the rain so what I did was dressed him with a raincoat and we went for a walk. We did this for 2 months and now he loves swimming while it's raining (just not when there's thunder).
  8. Same problem. He's usually pinkish in his tummy area and armpit. What is really alarming is we went to a different vet for 2 months already. Tried changing his soap from the regular scented soap to sulfur soap and now we are trying aloe vera. My current vet said that we might try oral meds but still hopeful about his new soap.
  9. Have a toy poodle. He suffered from flea for 3 months and I can't find any solution. My vet recommended to use anti-flea soap and also added this ointment that I should put after a bath but the fleas were still there. Until my vet recommended to take a med orally. It's just one tablet and is good for 3months and until now no signs of flea even though my neighbor's dog has a flea. Maybe you can try it. Ask your vet.
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