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  1. He doesn’t have a raw diet in entirety but does very regularly get raw meat on the bone and bones like you said, more so I was looking for toys for him to play with strong enough to endure his strong jaws. He doesn’t live a life of constant chewing if my post came off like that but it is something he has always just enjoyed doing on his own accord regardless. He did once have a large food dispensing/tucker ball like the ones in your link but still managed to puncture a hole in it haha, unlikely it was to the same quality of those though they do look good.
  2. One of my dogs is a very strong chewer, but main problem is he also likes to swallow and eat any pieces he manages to break off, regardless of what it is! He only has the “extreme” variants of Kong toys with the black rubber at the moment which he hasn’t broken through, in bone, traditional Kong, and ball form but some more variation would be good. I’m wary to spend much money on anything in case it is destroyed (and consumed) in short time. I’ve been looking for maybe more of a rope type that he could tug of war with, but he’s managed to untie various ropes in the past. Soft toys are out of t
  3. Not too sure I would go for anything that lists wheat/cereals/corn, by products and the like as a first ingredient if I don't have to, although coupled with raw meat and bones it could be alright? I don't intent on sticking strictly with one brand, just to keep some more in my mind. When mentioning Woofbix in my original post I was for some reason under the impression that the ingredients were something else, but now I have inspected the actual packet I think I must have gotten mixed up. It's the cheapest I have seen I think. I feed leaps and bounds time to time, which seems decent. The
  4. Would you have any recommendations? From some small research I have had in my mind Woofbix which I haven't found anything too bad about compared to other cheaper brands (like chum for example), I also feed raw meat and bones alongside the dry food. I have fed Supercoat before on my old dog which she seemed to be fine on. Unfortunately the more expensive brands are no longer really viable for me on a budget. I wouldn't want to give my pups anything too poor of quality, although I haven't found them to be too sensitive to different foods
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