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  1. Great news for Brock.After 820 days at the shelter,he has finally found his permanent home.Brock has been adopted.
  2. Hello again,I am seeking any recommendations for canine physiotherapy practices in western Sydney.Mich is doing fairly well for a very old dog but I think that his weakening back legs will benefit from this therapy.
  3. I made the original post on behalf of Brock.I did seriously consider adopting him but I already have 2 rescued boys,a 14 year old husky and an 11 year old cattle cross.Animal Welfare league have enough kennels to give Brock a home without depriving other more adoptable dogs of shelter.He gets more than one walk a day,social interaction and excellent vet care.I rest my case which is he is better alive in his kennel because someone could well turn up at any moment to give him a home.You would be surprised to know how many people respond positively to a dog like Brock with his several behavioura
  5. Here is Brock,a fox hound almost 10 years old.For the past 2 years,he has lived in a kennel at the Animal Welfare League in Kemps Creek.This boy knew only abuse and neglect in his younger years so now is surely the time for someone to provide him with a loving environment.Can you find space in your heart and your home to give Brock the best ending to his so far unsettled existence?He needs to be the only dog and would appreciate some company most of the time.In return,he will give love,loyalty,a gentle nature and an independent spirit.
  6. Rocky is a 9 year old fox hound,resident for 2 years in the kennels at The Animal Welfare League set up at Kemps Creek.He has at most another 2 to 3 years to live but is yet to find a family with space in their heart and space in their home to adopt him.An earlier abuse victim,he is loyal,sweet tempered,independent spirited and loving.Who will give Rocky the best ending to his years in a loving,caring environment?
  7. Thanks,Persephone.It seems unlikely that Mich's bone stiffness would respond to any kind of support.Will be trying some physio instead.
  8. Hi,my 14 year old husky,Mish,has severe arthritis in both rear legs.Thanks to a cocktail of anti-inflammatory and pain relief drugs,plus 4 pentosan injections.laser therapy and daily walks,he is both agile and mobile.However,inevitably,his legs are growing weaker.I went on line to find a leg brace which connects to the dog's trunk and gives support to the leg and gives the dog more standing strength.Does anyone have any feedback on the efficacy of these or similar supports?
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