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  1. Obsessive barking

    Will desexing diminish this unwanted behavior?
  2. Obsessive barking

    Yes, came back fine.
  3. Obsessive barking

    Hi, New member needing some advice. We have a 9 month old male Dalmation not yet desexed. He pursues human female's with genital sniffing. He understands 'leave it' and stops, but then barks continuously at them. Distraction and redirection works, but only for so long. My wife and daughter are at wits' ends. Barking, I'm guessing, is the release for frustration and tension. He is very energetic in general. The household is very stressed. John from Ausdog is booked for next Wednesday as an emergency measure. I'm not expecting a quick turn around in behavior though. What do I do with this dog?