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  1. Working cocker spaniel

    Dogsfever - get he must have been super overwhelmed. Funny he was good the week before but more people yesterday than when I went at a slightly later time this week. So will concentrate on better behaviour and confidence. Thank you.
  2. Working cocker spaniel

    Thank you. I have a harness but he was so active it was hard to put on. So will use it again and, instead. So get these good weeks then what happened at the market. Its all very helpful advice and can wait for the February intake of the Buderim group. Ill look in at Pines River too and see what works best. I think sometimes when I put him in the car he thinks he's going to be given away again as he made a big journey up from Victoria in a trailer over 3 days when I inherited him. I think the plane would have been much better but at very least he feels secure in the crate they travel in when had to make one more journey back for a bit. So will get there and made lots of progress but there are these days when it all reverts as if you achieved nothing. Thank you lots sandgrubber, Tassie and Dogsfevr. He is a beautiful dog and he is eager to do well and just enormously happy.
  3. Working cocker spaniel

    Oh Barb that would be really helpful. I am on the Sunshine Coast and live in Twin Waters near the Sunshine Coast airport. I just went to the Yandina market. I took Andy last week and he was pretty good. But this week he just was so active and slipped his collar and ran through and around lots of stalls. Everyone loves him and helped me get him. The Greek man selling olives said he was head down and sniffing and he'd seen this before. He really could be taught some great things. But it was very hard as I want him to get used to being around people in all sorts of situations but I guess untrained he just got so excited with all the action. He is two years old this month.
  4. Working cocker spaniel

    Oh thank you Dogsfevr. That hiding eggs sounds really good. He's hugely loving dog and attentive. I just went and sat at the beach this morning and let him go all about and rewarded him to keep returning to me. Its just a waste that he can't put that intelligence and motivation to use - so will think about the agility and tracking more.
  5. Working cocker spaniel

    Just discovered the black curly headed cocker spaniel I inherited from my dad is a working cocker spaniel. He has enormous energy and no matter how far I walk him he has more to give. So what to do in a bigger suburban yard than usual and a river and beach to run along for outings. He loves swimming. He doesn't want to give the ball back when you throw it to him. He's just turned 2 - any advice out there? He's Andy and the sixth black cocker spaniel through a couple of generations - but never this energetic!