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  1. I gave my 6 month old puppy Drontal Allwormer last night. She weighs 6.5 kgs and the dose was for to 5 to 10 kg weight range. A few hours after I gave her the Drontal she became terribly agitated. When I put her in her crate to sleep, at around 9.30, she kept barking and whining, and could not settle. I tried sitting up with her. She was running all round the place, and seemed afraid of me. She had never behaved like this before. I took her to the after hours vet at around midnight. By then she was shivering. The vet said she had symptoms of poisoning. Having ruled out other possible causes, the vet agreed her symptoms had probably been caused by the Drontal. I won't be giving it to her again.
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