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  1. Seeking advice - selecting Labrador puppies

    One thing to bear in mind is that a healthy, show standard lab, will have a good chance of growing to be ginormous and also retaining a lot of their instinctual drive. So you will likely have a lovely natured dog who is eager to assist with anything, but who will also have been very mouthy when young and always very strong. A lot of minor injuries can come from your puppy in the course of them calmly interacting with you in a freakishly well-behaved manner. You will also have to cater training around that growing body and be prepared to forgo an activity or training session because they’re catching up on some growing sleep, that sort of thing. They are the most beautiful, intelligent and fun dogs to have, but I would really recommend double checking the level of “active” you all can commit to, and more in a daily living type of way. “Dad lifts and has good balance, and thick skin” is possibly a better criteria If the assistance dog training is an important goal i’d ask specifically for a pup the breeder feels would likely be suited to that type of work, otherwise you may wind up training for a dog sport instead.
  2. Issues with our breeder

    I had a similar issue and it is a huge headache for everyone I’d say! Makes you feel bad for contacting your breeder, I know, but what are you supposed to do? I wouldn’t feel bad for “hassling”, easier said than done yes, but you need your paperwork and to get all your microchip information sorted. Sooner the better too, in my case there was a microchip record error with the council’s systems, two pups were down with the same number. Luckily I paid my rego first - I felt very bad for the other pup’s owner though! Dogs NSW or your vet will be able to help you out with tracking your number within the databases, verifying what your number is should that be in issue, and get you a change of ownership application.That may require a statutory declaration. I believe that’s what you would have signed when you purchased but given the amount of red tape involved with registration, it might be easier for everyone for you to just do it again yourself. Once you have that sent away, your change of ownership papers will be sent to you and later your mains or limited papers. It can take quite a while for the latter. Don’t stress, it’s annoying but it will get fixed.
  3. Puppy vaccination vs socialisation

    Socialisation is something that I feel is more of a first, do no harm concept. I keep babies at home until four months, but there is just so much that can be done at home that I don’t believe it’d be worth the risk to attend a class. Only exceptions might be if the very early socialisation has instilled a problem behaviour which proper interaction with suitable dogs would fix. If this is the case, you’d be better served by contacting your breeder to organise an appropriate meetup. Maybe a behaviourist who can organise a meetup with a very trustworthy dog. The everyday classes are, to me, not specific enough to teach a correct response or have the correct size and personalities of dogs available. I’d rather teach something when the dog is a bit older than have to undo something traumatic learned early on. At home you can use Internet, music, tv, children, planes in the sky, fireworks, storms, play equipment, pools, ice, machinery, so many things. And for free.
  4. I had been curious about the advancement of testing over the years and whether a dam or sire in the lineage might have been pronounced as passing all tests. Only because the tests available when those dogs were breeding were not as thorough as the ones performed today. A vet discussed this with me once, she called it “genes from way back”. Would a line need to go back many generations and have produced many litters free of a gene before a breeder can be confident that they have removed it from their stock? Would a Lab breeder who does breed for titles or have title holders in their stock have a greater chance of producing a crazy high drive puppy? Not necessarily intentionally.