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  1. I have a American staffy, I’ve had her since she was 7 weeks old, but ever since she reached the age 1 (she’s 2 years old now) she has been impossible to handle. Out of the blue she has started ripping off our fly screen Windows. Fly screen doors. She does not stop crying day and not until we let her inside. We have tried ignoring her, but she does not stop. She jumps the gate that blocks off the side of the house just to get to my window. She has ripped every single fly screen on every window. She continually rips the fly screen door off till the point I’ve taken it off. She has sliced her paws open jumping a fence that seperates the back yard from the undercover area when the gate door is open... she will close the gate door and jump over the fence. She will legit just go insane until she’s inside, it doesn’t matter if she’s by herself or with someone as long as she’s inside she’s fine. But she’s too big to stay inside all the time. Lately I’ve been letting her sleep in my room during the night but through the day I pop her outside and she goes insane again! She has cost me a fortune taking her to the vets because she’s broken a nail or sliced her paw open from doing all this and drools constantly during it as well.. like you’ll walk outside and there is just puddles of drool from her. I’m getting abused by my parents cause she doesn’t stop because she’s my dog. I’ve tried treats with ingredients that help calm her down, they worked at first but don’t anymore, I’ve bought them from the shops. we had another dog who was 10 years old so she was never l alone outside but that didn’t matter... she still did it with him outside with her as well. But sadly he passed away from a snake bite last week so she is on her own now. is there anything I can do to make her stop? I cannot sleep or anything because she won’t stop whining I’m going insane!
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