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  1. Hi all, Been awhile since I’ve posted, but I’m happy to say that Otto is doing well and is 10 weeks old! He’s pretty much toilet trained (I think the breeder had already begun this) apart from the occasional accident. He knows how to sit on command, just trying to teach him to shake your hand and to lie down now. Hope you’re all doing well and had a merry Christmas!
  2. Hi everyone! Sorry i know i said id post something sooner but the last two days have been fairly busy. I'm happy to report that we brought Otto (we've named him) home on Saturday and he's doing well! So far he hasn't had any accidents indoors over the last two days, he's been extremely affectionate and playful but also has quite a calm temperament. The breeder definitely chose well! We're all very happy!
  3. Thank you @persephone, looking forward to our lives being changed forever! I've needed a pair of new socks for a while now anyway haha Awesome i'll be sure to give them a read after work, also i'll post up some photos here on Saturday. Thank you, Winston
  4. I should have been more careful in my choice of words, but i guess what i meant by heavily involved was that we just wanted to go out there and get a feel for the environment in which the puppies were being raised and to also just see them (not necessarily choose one ourselves). After reading your responses it certainly makes sense to us (especially being first time dog owners) that the breeder should pick for us and we're excited about pick up this Saturday! I will definitely share photos and the experience with you all!
  5. Hi everyone, It's been great to get your perspective on this and to also understand why this isn't unusual. I really appreciate you all taking the time to comment and share. Hopefully, if anything our desire to be heavily involved can be interpreted as enthusiasm and also how serious we regard this commitment. Have a great weekend, W
  6. Hi Everyone, It would be great to get some advice and feedback about the current situation we're in. We've already organised to pick up a puppy in a few weeks time from a reputable breeder. However, they appear to be quite adamant when it comes to choosing which puppy for us and we don't feel as though we've been involved at all in the selection process. I understand that this will be the first time our family has had a dog, but i do feel that it's quite strange for a breeder to only want you to visit on the day of picking up the actual puppy and to not involve you in the selection process. If anyone could please share their thoughts/experiences or opinion on this that would be great. Thank you, W