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  1. Advice Needed - 1yr old Jack Russell

    As iv just witnessed my pup we have had for 15 months becoming completely terrified by our mozzie zapper machine . It could be that your neighbour has one .as we know there hearing is on a different level to ours . It’s not just when it zaps it must transmit a sound even when not actually zapping.
  2. Bug zapper terrifies pup

    We have figured out our pup Harley gets terrified , scurries away hides cries , will not eat or drink pants fast breathing .. tonight is so bad been hours and he will not calm down... we have turned the zapper off and still can’t calm him this time ... these zappers I guess make a noise we can’t here.. but it started with the zap noice making him run off.. has anybody else had a dog freight so much ?