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  1. I have offered to meet halfway between but was informed that the breeder is unable to drive due to stomach surgery. Regards Rebecca
  2. Yes I was aware of the location but I was told that her partner would bring the puppy to me as he regularly drives to Toowoomba in his truck but when the time arrived I was told that he was already on the road and wouldn't know when he would be getting another trip up here. I am happy to drive down and pick up my puppy but can not until Saturday as my car is in need of some work and probably won't make it without being fixed. Kind regards Rebecca Rose
  3. Hi original plan was for her partner to bring my puppy from Quirindi to me as he is a truck driver but when the time came I was informed that he was already on the road and wouldn't know when he was going to be coming back up my way again. And then I was informed that I would need to have her picked up by the 18 th as she was going away on the 19 th and could not find any body to leave the puppies with and I would loose my girl if not collected. Now I have been desperately contacting airlines and transportation services in my attempt to get my girl but unfortunately most are fully booked or so
  4. Hi I have recently purchased a new member of my family and have just been informed by the breeder that I need to have my puppy picked up from Quirindi NSW Australia by the 18/12/19 or I forfiet sale as she is going away and doesn't have any body to leave puppy with. I need my puppy picked up and moved to Toowoomba Qld Australia,so my question is can anyone help point me in the direction of the cheapest and most importantly the most reliable transportation method please I'm desperately needing advice as I have never done this before and am starting to feel like I am going to loose my puppy
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