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  1. My puppy has parvo

    Thank you for your help and all other comments Belle is doing well between my partner my son and myself we are looking after her around the clock. Currently she is sleeping as she was up most of the night just happy to be home. Belle and myself wish everyone a merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year.
  2. My puppy has parvo

    Belle is an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier blue in colour. We picked her up today at 3pm. She has been to the toilet both pee and number twos and we have collect the stool and will take it back for tests as they said it will take 2 days to get the results. I would like to know what she has had. She is on 2 tablets of Clavulox per day for 10 days. 1/4 tablet of Cerenia which is anti-nausea in the morning and also have a wafer of Ondansetron which is given only half if she is still nauseous. She has lost 200 grams in weight she was 3.5 kgs before this happened. Now she looks poorly but alive and was very happy to be home. We are feeding her boiled chicken and only a little bit of her biscuits Royal Canin puppy food. She is sleeping now and has been for a while. I was lucky that I transferred her to the Lort Smith Animal Hospital other wise the bill would of been through the roof ARH Essendon was $1800 for 24 hrs 3 1/2 days at Lort Smith was just under $1400. Not a nice Christmas present but also very happy she is still with us. she was wormed on the 15/12/19 and had her shot on the 16/12/19
  3. My puppy has parvo

    Thank you her name is Belle I’m sorry not smart enough to post photo keeps telling me file is to big even when I took a picture of a picture. I could not believe how hard it is to get F10sc but I was fortunate enough that I was given some sample bottles and the breeder had arranged to get some for me but the bottle wasn’t going to be delivered until 2pm yesterday. We are still cleaning the house and have sprayed the whole yard. I sprayed carpets and couch I am going to repeat the cleaning once the bottle of F10sc I purchased off eBay is delivered on the 2nd of January. The breeder’s vet said there is no way it was Parvo and suggested it was a parasitic bug and to use an antibiotic called Metronidazole. I suggested Meteronidazole to the vet at Lort smith and they assured me it was Parvo I requested for them to get the next stool sample tested to make sure it it is not a parasitic bug. They told me that this particular antibiotic is very strong and might not be wise to administer at this time. I am clueless here and have no idea.
  4. My puppy has parvo

    Ok sorry if I have offended anyone here that was not intended at all. My puppy was vaccinated on the 16/12/19 and I picked her up on the 20/12/19. On the 21/12/19 she stopped eating and started to vomit at 10.30 pm by 12.30am and her third vomit we took her to ARH in Essendon Fields. She tested positive to Parvo and was admitted for treatment. Because of costs on the 22/12/19 we transferred her to the Lort Smith Animal Hospital for continued treatment. All the time I was communicating with the breeder who doesn’t not believe that the puppy does not have parvovirus but a parasitic bug. I have had many meeting with the vets and the lead vet at Lort Smith who had done a second test for the parvovirus and it also tested positive. I had passed on this information about the parasitic bug and I was told that it wasn’t likely but they will test for it once my puppy has solid stools as she has had diarrhoea for the last 2 days. At no time have I asked the breeder to pay the vet bill in my original post, I asked if it I could ask the breeder to help pay the bill never have I asked if the breeder should pay all. Yes I haven’t been on here for long and no I’m not a drama lama. If the diagnosis is correct I feel sorry for the other people who have purchased a puppy who may get ill and possibly pass away.
  5. My puppy has parvo

    1.At no time have I said that I know all the facts about Parvo 2. If my replies seem blunt and rude (that’s your opinion and your entitled to that) that was not intended 3. This is a forum and I thought it was a good place to get opinions. 4. May you have a Merry Christmas
  6. My puppy has parvo

    At no time have i attacked the breeder i have communicated with and also shared all medical reports. I also asked for a second test in case the first one was a false read it also came back positive.As a duty of care I have told the breeder everything and at no time have i ever blamed them. First and foremost is the care for the puppy
  7. My puppy has parvo

    new technology suggest different information about Parvovirus here is a link https://www.idexx.com.au/en-au/veterinary/snap-tests/snap-tests-technology/
  8. My puppy has parvo

    The Breeder was informed and straight away seems your not up to date with the lastest technology here is a link for your perusal https://www.idexx.com.au/en-au/veterinary/snap-tests/snap-tests-technology/
  9. I purchased a dog the other day only had it for one day and it has tested positive for Parvo the vet is 100% sure that she didn’t get it from our home. She is now in the hospital getting the best care possible could I ask breeder to help pay the vet bill