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  1. dachshund puppy barking

    Hi Persephone. When home we are using crate training. She is taken out of the crate every 30-45 mins to relieve herself and i have now started giving her treats and lots of praise when she goes outside ( the cheeky bugger has now started to fake it outside just to get a treat) I've gotten rid of a carpet mat inside that she had soiled a few times and last night we had no accidents inside at all. not even one in her pen over night. I know its more about my training rather than hers. I don't blame her for not knowing what to do. I blame me but hopefully now we have turned a corner. Appreciate your advice
  2. dachshund puppy barking

    I get up at 6am and take for a walk before work at 7.30. She then goes into her pen roughly 2mx3m which has her crate in it and has a vinyl floor so happy for her to go on the vinyl during the day. which we leave open during the day for access to her food bowl and water. I get home at 4.30pm let her out and go play outside with her for an hour or so. She then goes back into her pen while i cook and eat dinner at which time she is fed, usually 6-7.30, then i take her for a walk to the park where we have a run and play for an hour or so. Back home for a bit of quiet time before bed. The crate is a steel crate approx 80Wx60L with her comfort towel and a small bed placed inside. We are trying to get her to go outside on grass but i would also be happy for her to go inside on a wee pad or litter box if that worked for her. the breeder didn't give any advice as their dogs are all outside dogs and do not come inside their home
  3. dachshund puppy barking

    Hi guys. We have brought an 11 week old Dachshund puppy into our home two weeks ago. Things are going quite testingly so far. I've had puppies before but never a dachshund. We are working our way through toilet training, quite unsessfully, using crate training. The major issue is now she will bark and bark and bark some more as soon as we put her in the crate. The first week she was fine and she was fairly quiet but now she has found her voice and the barking is pretty much constant. If we put her outside she does not like that either and wants to be near us so the barking starts again. I've tried to give her some small time on her own so she isn't dependant on our company all the time. Also if i bring her inside out of the crate she wees on the carpet pretty much straight away. Its' testing my knowledge and i'd love some advice if there is any out there. I will be starting puppy school in two weeks but we may loose our minds before then it this keeps up!! All tips. I'm considering a citronella collar but I'm not sure if that is a good idea with a puppy her age.