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  1. Actually I did see photos of them in the grass eating leaves :D We're going to visit those puppies on Sunday and will hopefully get answers to some of the important questions raised here!
  2. Thanks, ish What you say expands on what we've been reading and thinking about re. elbows
  3. Thanks, Dogsfevr One of the sires is a carrier for EIC...
  4. Hi Persephone Thanks for your reply and the link to Tapua breeders. What’s the best way to find out about temperament? Should we meet the sire and/or dame and spend time with the pups? Can we generally trust that the breeder will accurately describe the puppies’ and parents’ personalities? Option 1: sire is a show dog and dame, I believe, is a pet/used for breeding. Owner of the sire is registered but the owner of the dame has not been confirmed as registered (although they have a registration number on all their papers). Puppies are currently being vaccinated and won’t l
  5. Hi, I’m looking for some advice on behalf of my parents (in their 60s) who have not had a dog before (and neither have I). After several months considering their situation and various breeds they have settled on a Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy. There’s a possibility Dad may want to train him/her as an assistance dog in the future. Dad is very active and there are other family members who will take the dog out for exercise and play. My folks have a cat. They are attracted to the gentle temperament of labs. They are in contact with two breeders and each has supplied pe
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