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  1. We're open to raw feeding, just intimidated by it. We had a lab for 14 years and if it started with f and finished in ood, he ate it. So this is new territory for us. I joined this group, thanks. Lots of info to look over. We got some of these rolls Is this the right thing? We gave him half the roll and he ate maybe half of that. I have seen the big dog patties at the pet shop, so we'll give them a try. I differently like know he's getting everything he needs from them. That's our biggest issue, not knowing if he's eating the right things to help him grow healthy.
  2. I have a 16 week old pup. Our breeder said she had been giving the puppies supercoat and they loved it. When puppy arrived at 8 weeks, he wouldn't eat it. We tried adding an extra into the dry food (boiled egg, tin sardines, chicken hearts, tuna) and he would sometimes eat it. After speaking with some dog people, we changed his dry food to Royal Canin but he still wont eat it on it's own. Now we are finding even when we put something extra in as an enticement, he's not interested. He wants to eat. Any raw food i give him on it's own he gobbles down, it's just the dry food that's the issue. Lots of people have said not to worry, he wont starve himself. Meanwhile the vet is saying she wouldn't like to see him any leaner than he is. His weight aside, his behaviour is becoming a big issue. When we can get him to eat he's such a lovable dog. Sleeps well, his back end of things is good, playful, loves cuddles. When he wont eat, he gets destructive. Wont sleep, wont settle, i can't have him around my kids because he can get bitey. He obsessed with eating dog poop, dirt and rocks. Even in our backyard he has to be on a lead so we can stop him from trying to eat them. If anyone has any helpfully info or knows a brand of food we should try, i'd love to hear about it.
  3. Issues with our breeder

    Yes, that's Knox.
  4. Issues with our breeder

    Very happy to say yesterday we received our pedigree papers, vet card and change of ownership form. We have had his microchip scanned so i'll now get his rego sorted. Thank you for the replies.
  5. Issues with our breeder

    I emailed Dogs NSW to verify they were a registered breeder before putting down a deposit. Three days before puppy was due to fly to us, the breeder sent me a text message saying puppy pack will be sent by regular post unless we want to pay express postage (and get food in the puppy pack). We were never told we would have to pay more on top of the full price we paid for pup, so i said we didn't need to the food and regular post was fine. Pup came to us on the 24th Jan, 2 days later i spoke to the breeder because we were having trouble getting our pup to eat. It was the weekend and i assumed the pack had been sent on the 24th at that point. On the 4th when it still hadn't arrived, I messaged the breeder and asked if she had had a chance to send his paper work as we had booked him in for his second lot of vac's. Breeder rang me and said she had forgotten which pup the pack she had belonged to, she said that she would express it to us the following day and give me the tracking number. She also said she had just done the puppy insurance that day and if they asked we would need to lie and say we got our pup on the 4th. I never got a tracking number from her and nothing arrived. I messaged her again on the 10th and asked if she had the tracking number and she has never replied. I had really wanted his vet card to take with us to the vet, but that didn't happen. Now we just want his pedigree papers. She knew our pups name when he was 6 weeks. She told us that she would have their pedigree papers by 7 weeks and that she microchip the pups herself. The day we got our pup she sent me a text with a picture of the Change of Owner form and asked me to sign it and send it back to her, i did that. I mean, i don't think i have been hassling her at all, so i don't know what to say to that.
  6. We've now had our new puppy for over 2 weeks and the breeder is just refusing to send us our puppy pack (this includes puppies vet card and pedigree papers) I have spoken to the breeder a few times about getting it sent and at first she made excuses as to why she hadn't sent it and that she would send it immediately, now she just isn't replying when i contact her. The only thing we care about is getting the pedigree papers. Any advice for how we can do that?