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  1. Do you do dna testing?

    Hi I was just curious to know what Genetic/DNA testing laboratories breeders prefer? i.e. orivet, wisdom panel etc..?
  2. New Puppy - Transport - Fly or Drive?

    I think the flight/transport would be best - Dogtainers or JetPets are some options. Is anyone else familiar with other companies that offer transport?
  3. This is a very interesting and good read. Thank you for this.
  4. I am looking at the Australian Kelpie, Akita, or Cavalier King!
  5. I've been on the search for a pup for a while now - but I'd like to read more about suggested/recommended health testings on breeding dogs on my research. Is anyone aware of any pieces of information/resources you can recommend for a nice, educational read?
  6. Can someone help me with this

    You guys are wonderful! thank you so much - this clears up a lot!
  7. Can someone help me with this

    Thanks for that. I will have a deeper look into Orivet and the testings they offer. I am looking to buy a pup, and the breeder has stated that parents are clear from all DNA testings (only through Orivet), should I be concerned that the breeder has not completed any physical examinations? Also, do breeders health test/dna test their puppies/litters when they are born or is it just the parents?
  8. Can someone give me a rundown on the difference between Health Testing and DNA testing (such as with orivet)? Is it the same, or if they're different are they both necessary to ensuring healthy pups? TIA
  9. Thanks plenty guys, this definitely helps me!
  10. I am looking to buy a puppy, but after all the horror stories I hear I am very confused as to where the heck to start! Can someone help me answer the question to "Are people that are not registered with ANKC considered not ethical and responsible breeders?" I have friends that have bought from a few like AAPDB, or MDBA and they are loving it - but as I look into research, there are few that are saying steer clear and others that are saying it's fine (like my friends). Everything is all so confusing, so may you explain in it simpleton laymen terms. I am trying my best to do a lot of research into this before I buy a pup, to save myself of financial and emotional heartache. Thanks guys.