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  1. What to do when a puppy has an inverted vulva.

    Thank you, everyone! This is some great advice. I also appreciate your kindness in your answers. Take care and stay safe!
  2. I have a beautiful litter of 8 labrador retrievers. Everyone is healthy. They are six weeks old and we have our first vet appointment this week. I noticed last week that one puppy seems to have a mild, inverted vulva. I have not noticed a rash or that she has trouble urinating. I called my vets office to talk to them about it and she said that she would look at it and determine if it was mild or what might have to be done. Either way, whether it is mild or not, I need to talk to her new owner about it. They want her as a family dog and are not going to breed her, but she is a very intimidating lawyer and I wondered if anyone has any suggestions about what options I can offer her. Do I just tell her I will return her deposit and find a new home? Do I let her take the puppy with the understanding that she is as-is? I do not want her to take the puppy then sue me later. I would rather find a loving home for the pup or keep her myself than have trouble from this buyer in the future. I want to be a responsible breeder and I want to do what is right for the puppy but also her possible, new family.