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  1. Thank You alot snook, I have had a look at the website it seems great. We have found a trainer to start working with but if all does not go well I will be sure to email the owner of the website
  2. I do believe that taking action sooner about it would've been better. I have signed her up for a trainer. Thanks For your help
  3. Thank You , I have seeker for a trainer and will see how it goes, thanks again for your efforts
  4. Thank You alot for your help, it is greatly appreciated and I have signed her up for a trainer to see how it goes.
  5. Hi, I understand that there is very serious consequences but there is no need to be so rude. She has leash aggression that ie the name in general, if you are gonna choose to be rude and judgmental then please get of my page. I appreciate everyone else's help and have signed her up for a trainer. Again thanks for trying to help but dont be rude.
  6. Hi Snook, I am located in melbourne, doncaster. Thanks
  7. Hello All, This is my last chance to attempt to train my dog before looking at giving her to someone who can handle her. I have a 1 year old German Shepard Female. She is extremely sweet and absolutely adores other dogs and animals and is very gentle. She is great off leash and listens and never barks or bites and is usually for Calm and gentle with other dogs. The problem starts when her leash is on. She is un -believable, you would not think it's the same dog. She started of at 7 months by lunging and barking at other dogs on walks, a couple months after she started lunging and barking
  8. Hi, if professional trainers are too expensive, is there any other choice?
  9. Hi, I have a Nine month old Sable Female German Shepard. She is really sweet and has never bitten any person or dog, but on walks and when on lead she barks and lunges at other dogs and bicycles and fast moving large vehicles. She is submissive to other dogs no matter the size and even with small dogs is really gentle and never does any harm. She also barks at visitors or plumbers, services . Ect coming to the house. She never does any harm but I really would like the lunging and barking on lead to stop. She never barks off lead and is very well socialised since she was a little pup at 12 week
  10. Hi, Thank You very much for the recommendation, is it weird that she knows how to potty on command but not at night when there are possums and bats in the trees? Also any tips for barrier aggression with dogs, she’s super friendly a sweetheart just seems scary on a lead.
  11. Well she is quite well with people and everything and generally doesn’t pull on the lead, though she has barrier aggression and barks at fast vehicles.
  12. Hi, I have a 9 month old German Shepard who is potty trained and goes outside for business when she needs to but recently I’ve been having an issue of incidents inside the house. Before she sleeps and after she wakes up she should go toilet but I cannot take her toilet as she barks and chases the possums and bats in our backyard, even with a leash on she will continue to jump up at the trees and the only way she will go toilet is if I let her go without lead, which then I struggle to catch her 30 min later and will have to chase her around the backyard. I’m really tired of cleaning up ac
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