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  1. Hi all, The time is coming that I'm being forced to say goodbye to my beloved. She's fought so hard and I'm shattered there is no more we can do. This condition is severely under researched in my (toy) breed and I'm hoping we might be able to find comfort in at least getting some answers from her passing. Has anyone had experience with this? The animal donation program at Sydney Uni doesn't provide medical reports. Thank you.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm after recommendations for an orthopedic surgeon who is experienced enough to perform on a grade 4 luxating patella on a 2.6kg dog. We're spoken to a few vets, including those at Bowral, but they weren't confident they can do it (an in person consult to find out would require us to travel.) One condition I'm pretty set on is I don't want to operate on her other grade 2 leg as it is improving with hydrotherapy and physio. (Some vets I've spoken to don't seem to respect that stance. Thank you!
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