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  1. Debarking

    There's a vet in outer Canberra who does do the surgery Legally and Ethically. Sadly we hit the point of get one of our dogs done or PTS due to continual barking. No training nor collar got through to him, he still is a consistent barker but no noise which has helped everyone incredibly. I actually had a letter from council that was warning us we had had a complaint put in by neighbors. I spoke to council about the issue, we were in the right and the council were just following up but I didn't want the problem escalating and neighbors taking matters into their own hands. I had ours dond under GA a tiny incision was made (literally a one stitch incision) and the proceedure was done. Everything was over in under a few hours. Our boy is a much happier dog for it. I certainly don't jump to this option but as a last resort its better than alot of negative alternatives. Pm me if you'd like more specifics ect.
  2. Looking For Our Future Companion

    Id second the lowchen Suggestion. Theyre amazing little dogs we have 3 of them at present and breed and show them so feel free to pm me on specific questions. They are realativy low maintenance if kept short, very intelligent, non shedding and just all round lovely family dogs. ETA: LOL my computer was stuffing up. Congrats on the new puppy!!
  3. Gentamicin In Dogs

    Funny enough we just finished a course of straight gentamicin for my afghan with long standing ear issues.. reason why was that her ear wad becoming resistant to mometamax which contains it... worked well in combo with Tricin
  4. Vets In Maitland, Nsw

    Rspca Rutherford (I'm bias as I work shelter side) But honestly best care ever for my ageing afghan girl with chronic ear issues (on going for 2 years) can highly recommend Tracey Steinburg who's the Wednesday vet.. she's taken care of xanthe for 2 years now and is forever pushing the limits with treatments so we can have just a little more time with her.
  5. Still debating.. Not looking likely cos of family things. Was hoping to bring out a lappie and maybe lakie but if I fly it'll only be one of them so guess i should start training... Hmmmmmmmmm
  6. For anyone interested in meeting and talking Finnish Lapphunds or has a lappie the FLCNSW are hosting a Lappie Day out. Please inbox me for further info :)
  7. Rspca Act

    Its not us that charge the fees its a council impound fee once the dog has been picked up by council or booked in under council we legally have to charge fees... it actually increases over each day too
  8. Dol as a whole is quiet these days isnt it? I didnt know she worked there. :) Thats ok, I have a couple of people interested already so fingers crossed at least one of them will take it on. Actually I'm up at Rutherford ;) but thanks for thinking of me. I'd love to share my time around but sadly I just don't have anymore time to give.... loving the work just alot on with that and family commitments. Hope you find someone amazing though the furkids need it! A good photo makes or breaks people actually wanting to come meet the dog/cat
  9. Barn Hunt

    Amber our Lakeland competes in Earthdog events. First lakie titled in it too! Its very much a developing sport here in Aus :) lots of fun and a great day out. Happy to answer any questions
  10. I think it's just clipped though, so as long as you didn't want to show, you could have a furry butt :) Exactly ours spend part of their life with fluffy butts... lol its one of those trims people love or hate lmao!
  11. What about going to the smaller end of the scale and looking at a lowchen. There are only 2 in the country trialling my girl ella who hasn't been out much but has placed at both nationals and tends to place top 3 all heights when we Q. They're fast, intelligent and great little personalities the reason why noone does anything with them there are not alot of young faces in the breed who do sports, there is one who is highly titled in obedience one in dog dancing and ET. If you'd like any help with these guys send me a pm...
  12. Ooooooh I'd love to try it but feel like my dogs are too naughty for it LOL!!!
  13. I was going up to Newcastle obedience club :) I'm just up at wyong so not too far up the rd... I haven't had as much time as I used to. Thinking I may give wyong a go though :) I tend to do alot of my own training in the yard
  14. Agility Nationals 2014

    I'll be there with most likely the only Lowchen again! she debuted at Syd Nationals was a feral got 4th in snooker and had fun lol. Was supposed to bring her daughter this year but she is still too young and stupid lol so it'll be myself,bub and Ella lowchen and Thor the lappie who's only a pup but needs socialization ect.
  15. The environmental guys who deal with fire ants are pretty vigilant on it since they don't want them as they are a pest. My parents live not too far from the grounds and recently the helicopter with the heat cam did a circle around where they live and picked up on something they thought was ants and so arranged to come actually check the spots on property but nothing so I'm gonna assume they'd be doing the same with the grounds in all the times I've trialed trained and showed there I've never experienced anything. Green ants is another story but mind you they're everywhere! No I don't mean the grounds are crawling with them but like anywhere there are a nest here and there.