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  1. My vet says my Irish terrier is crosseyed. Im not sure how that will affect his vision he can be nervy and i wonder if he lacks peripheral vision ive attached a couple of photos but im not sure how bad it is the vet didnt give me any information has anyone had much experience with this. I was planning to compete in obedience with him
  2. Thanks guys ill see about a referral but being in regional Victoria im not sure if there is anyone outside melbourne. He can get a ball i roll with tug he gets my hands a lot lol.
  3. He is 10 months ive only had him 3 months but he can be clumsy. He doesnt really play fetch but will play tug. Mostly i just put his nervousness down to lack of socialisation as a pup. He gets spooked easily and panics when things come up from behind us.
  4. Cool someone told me all breeds had to be tested for pra if going to be used for breeding i didnt think that sounded right
  5. When i was at the vet recently for my dogs vaccination the vet commented that my dog is crosseyed. He didnt seem concerned about it but now im wondering if this could be why my dog is quite nervous. Im curious if others with this condition in their dog have found it affects their vision. I was planning to do agility and obedience with boy but not sure now if this could be an issue
  6. Hi do breeders have to do dna testing on all stud dogs before they can be used at stud.
  7. Hi does anyone know of an obedience instructor in Wodonga? or an online course that’s specific to competition obedience? thanks in advance stella
  8. Hi ive been offered a lively German shepherd but he has grade two elbow dysplasia in one elbow. It doesn’t appear to affect him at all and he has lovely straight big stride. however I’d like to compete in obedience tracking and rallyo and I’m not sure if that grading would be causing him issues for open and ud with jumping. can anyone fill me in more of elbow dysplasia at that level and how much it affects a dog
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