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  1. Help with Maremma male 12 months

    I will update on anything that eventuates. Yes I think it’s very sad for all the pups involved, I was saying that today to my husband. Pup has a really gentle nature, I can see that. Lucky he must have good genetics to still be of a kind temperament.
  2. Help with Maremma male 12 months

    Thank you so much. I will definitely look into this.
  3. Help with Maremma male 12 months

    This is great. Thank you.. I’m so overwhelmed by the amount of support I have received
  4. Help with Maremma male 12 months

    I agree with RSPCA issue.
  5. Help with Maremma male 12 months

    His name is just ‘pup’ but I seem to call him ‘buddy’ a lot.. so perhaps that will just stick. Yes I am feeding him 3 small meals per day. I will try my heart out because he deserves it. But, I will also think about it strongly because I’d hate for him to not accept the new girl we will get next month, makes me wonder.. non stop. The last thing I want is for a little pup to be hurt.
  6. Help with Maremma male 12 months

    Thank you for trying to help me with this.
  7. Help with Maremma male 12 months

    Hi, thank you for your reply, it’s a good way to put it, I guess he kind of is a ‘wild’ dog.. that is sad. I actually have him in a Quite large duck pen (‘fox proof, dig proof, climb, fly proof) and have moved my ducks to a smaller pen. (Still as big as some people’s backyards tho!) he is up against the ducks/chooks/pigglets. I feel coming from where he did he at least had chooks, so there would be some type of familiar here being with them. He cry’s all night (very sad sounding) as I mentioned I can not get close to him, he is terrified. He is gentle tho, I can see it is his eyes, and he does wag his tail when I’m with him. You mentioned about ‘a pack’ we have a girl pup purchased already from a Breeder but we do not get her for a month still, will this help his pack issue, or will it give our new puppy ‘issues’? I don’t want her to see that he is so scared and stand offish and react the same way.. any help will be so great. Thank you
  8. Help with Maremma male 12 months

    I actually don’t have fb.. I know ‘shock, horror’ lol. I will have to contact someone as I have no experience with a dog that you ‘can’t touch’ He is super super skinny tho.. like, I feel like crying. I was told that they had to ‘fast’ and that they were only fed a couple times a week because “you don’t mess with nature” basically.. this beautiful boy is starved.. I just feel that is perhaps the way to his heart and to earn trust.. to get feed him, and get some bones covered.. he does wag his tail when he sees me. But nothing much else to report..
  9. Help with Maremma male 12 months

    I also feel it’s a ‘time’ thing.. perhaps I just persist.. for an indefinite period of time? I just actually feel so bad for him.. and it saddens me.. iv never met/seen a dog or pup that doesn’t even want to be touched. Although, he does wag his tail briefly when he sees me, but I can’t get too close.
  10. Help with Maremma male 12 months

    No, privately from the owner. I didn’t realise exactly what I was buying. He is microchipped. And have transfer papers. However no vacation or other care at all.
  11. Hi, I am very new to this, however am looking for some advice. We have just adopted a 12 month old male maremma. The pup has been in a paddock for his entire life, born in the paddock, left by humans. Lived with his mum, dad and 7 other sibling pups. Now, this dog is scared. And scared is an understatement, this boy is terrified. He is with our chooks/ducks (we have a hobby farm) after all my research on Maremmas I know that this breed is for us. We have lost a lot of stock to wild dogs and foxes over the past few years, our alpacas did a terrible job. My question is this. Through love patience and understanding, is this boy going to pull out of this scared anti-social behaviour. Or is this a job that will not end well? He is also sooo skinny, iv never seen anything like it, although he does love food.. I think perhaps he hasn’t really gotten food in his short life. (Apparently mum fed him and the other 7 for 6 months). I feel like we have rescued this boy, but again, he is unlike any dog iv ever known. He is gentle, but I can not even pat the pup. He is so scared. Help.