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  1. Designer dogs

    Despite its popularity, designer dog breeds are not officially recognized. Even if their parents are registered, the resulting offspring will remain undocumented. Another result can only be achieved if a new breed is bred for a long time. As a result, she will have nurseries and clubs of the breed. Someone here found something unusual and fun for breeding dogs of different breeds. For me, it's just a mockery of the animals that will be born. They may have problems with internal organs, airways, and so on. This is clearly described on thepets.net/ blog. In principle, breeding work on breeding new breeds is a lengthy process that requires time and more than one generation of breeding to eliminate breed defects, unacceptable traits and diseases, including genetic ones. But such experiments here are not "design." This is called "not respected."
  2. Greyhounds

    Hello, my dog always ate well and never had a problem. She is 2 years and 4 months old. Two days ago, she just stopped eating meat, I don’t know why. She refuses any meat.