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  1. Thank you, appreciate the suggestions.
  2. Thanks Persephone, I am not actually sure if the puppies I saw today were from show stock or not. I had not thought of researching like you suggested but now that you have mentioned it I am interested to find out! Will see what I can find out. Appreciate your feedback, thank you.
  3. Thanks T, and definitely agree if that is the going rate for getting a good healthy pup then so be it.
  4. Hi All, My family and I have been researching on getting a dog for a while now and have settled on getting a Labrador. I have searched the forums and saw there was a discussion around prices in a post from 2012 but thought I would ask again as I would imagine things may be different now. A registered breeder I reached out to in Sydney has advised they could offer one later this year for $3,200. I am just trying to understand if this is in fact the going rate? The breeder is quite reputable based on the reviews I have read and having visited their facilities they do se
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