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  1. The Cost of Puppies

    Your post is so spot on Asal. I can't understand how any breeders pride themselves about "supposedly" improving the breed when they palm off 99% of their puppies as desexed or limited register to prevent competition in the show ring or market. It absolutely baffles me that they consider themselves so high and mighty if their whole breeding program dies with them or the select few pups they might pass to their best buddies. It is essentially a dead end sport and no longer improves the quality and quantity of purebred, genetically clear and consistently breeding stock. They are essentially only breeding for the pet market or else their own personal program if they refuse to let their lines out. If however, stringent restrictions were enforced from the national dog clubs requiring the placement of say at least 20-30% of puppies on main register undesexed to contribute to the available gene pool - and the clubs starting welcoming members rather that ostrasizing them it would greatly benefit the available gene pools for various breeds. Cancel people's memberships who refuse to release any proper stock to the genuinely interested potential breeders as they are dead end breeders. And the clubs don't believe breeding for the pet market is a good reason to breed. All the consistent lines we have today are because someone worked on them and RELEASED them. If you vet the people you share your lines with, you leave a legacy of what you did. Desexing every pup or parting with it as unshowable/unbreedable leaves your program worth nothing.