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  1. Thank you for your reply. Maybe this day and age the mum should be called something different. It did sound a bit harsh when I re-read my message...:)
  2. The breeder said the parents have been DNA tested. Im not sure how old the bitch is we will be meeting them for the first time this weekend and I can ask the breeder questions. I don’t know much about dog breeding and how many times a dog can have a litter. I just wanted to find a reputable breeder which I thought I found. I just feel a bit nervous than excited at the moment!
  3. Yes she’s from a reputable breeder and has health check on parents.
  4. Hi, I am excited to be meeting our 4 week old puppy this weekend but I have a few concerns aswell. We were originally going to be chosing from 2 girls but one of them had fluid on the lungs and the vet had to put it down which is really sad. I’m worried that the rest of the pups could be sick and if there’s such a thing as a bad litter? The pups are apparently thriving. It’s the mums 5th litter aswell. I just want to make sure my pup is healthy. Thanks!
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