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  1. Golden Retriever Breeder

    His heart murmur was picked up on his first vaccination with my vet. I contacted the breeder at that time she said "Bring the dog back, I will give you a new one" This what not an option after spending 4 weeks with him. My son bonded with his new best friend. It was impossible to return him!!! I asked her if she could help with the cost of all the subsequent tests and she said 'if we sign a waiver so she is not responsible she would give us $700." We paid $2400 for our gorgeous puppy and knew we were up for a whole lot more, We though at least she could do is just refund our money?? Since then she will not answer any calls or texts or emails.. Now I just feel for all the other people, buying her pups that are probably going to loose them from sub-aortic stenosis (Heart murmur)
  2. Golden Retriever Breeder

    My beautiful puppy is 2 years old now. I am not sure if she is registered, she lived on a farm and had dogs and puppies every where, mainly Golden Retrievers. I picked him up in Denison I have seen two specialist with the same diagnosis. Cost me $550 first time for an ultrasound and then $880 for the second from a different specialist who performed an echocardiograph. The specialist doctor has put in writing that this sub-aortic stenosis is very likely to be a hereditary genetic condition. I have emailed her all the receipts and informative reports but she doesn't want to know about it I never did get any formal information about the parents. I met them both gave them a pat they had such a beautiful nature so we bought our puppy for $2400 assuming he was fine. He came with a vet check, microchip, flea and worming and first vaccination. It seemed all legitimate. I'm afraid she is still selling these puppies and many other people may be in this same situation. Just don't know what to do now???
  3. Hi, I purchased a beautiful Golden Retriever puppy from a breeder in Denison. Since then our gorgeous puppy has been diagnosed with a heart murmur and has a life span of 3-4 years. As you could imagine we are all devastated. I have been trying to contact the breeder but she is ignoring all my calls and texts. I was just wondering if anyone else has bought a Golden Retriever puppy from Denison and had the same issue?