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  1. Hello,I have a 2 year old Male. I am wondering if I should now get him neutered. When out he always sniffs stuff and then gets really stuck on spots to the point he gets all.drooling and his mouth starts to chatter. We don't interact with a lot of other dogs, but tonight while.i was playing frisbee in the park he spotted a dog or smelt before I noticed and he ran over and instantly went to humping.He loves to try and pee on every single tree or post on walks - never in our house.Please share some thoughts based on his behaviors.
  2. I've seen those himalayan yak/hard cheese chews seem to be very popular lately - what are your guys' thoughts? Any risk like how antlers may risk teeth breaking? It says it's hard cheese - idk how I feel about that LOL. Debating on trying them, but can't find any pros/cons about them online.
  3. Hi, i'm a new pet owner planning to get a new labrador puppy this weekend. Can someone give me some guide to choose a good puppy. I visited a couple breeders this week and my wife basically like the fattest puppy because it's cute. And i did notice that some puppies has shorter nose and bigger paws than the others. Any information will be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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