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  1. UPDATE I'm sorry to spread sad news, but we have lost the puppy. I was taking Lola daily for progesterone and it didn't change so the vet suggested a c-section. The pup was 12-24 hr dead. We are broken hearted and feel very very guilty that we didn't do the ultrasounds that the vet had recommended. My penny pinching cost the pup her life. She was a big (550g) white pup that looked just like her mom.
  2. UPDATE ....... No update. Progesterone sitting around 20. This feels like a blindfolded marathon.....
  3. Dogsfevr: I'd like to answer your questions, and thank you for your reply to my post 1. No, I didn't keep any dates as I thought she was infertile and she never showed a cycle (she is 4.5 yrs old, we got her at 2 yrs old) 2. I THOUGHT it was the neighbouring farm's Huntaway, but as she is going so long I am questioning if it was him or not! 3. The x-ray estimated labour 5 days ago :/ based on formation of pup teeth 4. I haven't contacted the breeder as they were pretty glad to be rid of her We just love her because she is a great dog. May I ask what your progesterone levels were over the space of a few days? Did her levels 'drop off a cliff' as my vet is suggesting they will? I have taken today off of work to be with her, just in case, but tomorrow I HAVE to make a 6 hour drive to pick up dear hubby. She will come with me in the truck and if we end up having labour on the roadside we'll probably end up on local news. Haha, could you imagine.... Cheers, enjoy your day!
  4. Update: THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR REPLIES! It has been such a relief to read them, so big big thanks to you all. I went to the vet again yesterday and negotiated a more reasonable financial arrangement. I told them I believed it was unfair to charge me the $120+ consultation fee at each visit, and they agreed. Due to your posts, I told them we didn't need ultrasounds at each visit either, and they agreed. So the GREAT news is that I only have to pay $77 for each progesterone test. Lola has had 2 progesterone tests over two days, 21 and 14 respectively, and we will go in for the third today to develop a 'trend'. Thanks again x
  5. Just back from the vet. There is just one pup in there. And my dates must be whack as the progesterone has not dropped. So now the vet wants me in every morning to get progesterone and ultrasound ($272 every time) to be ready when the pup is ready for c-section. I'm devo. Not only do I obviously work every morning but I cannot afford this. Any advice welcome
  6. Hi, I've got a German Shepherd (Lola) unexpectedly pregnant (told she was infertile by breeder). She is now 70 days pregnant. I am seeing vet tomorrow for oxytocin and possible c-section. However, tonight I am second guessing myself and I need some advice. What was the longest pregnancy for your dog? Lola seems absolutely fine, no temperature drop, no nesting, no trouble walking, eating and drinking as per normal. She is sleeping atm. Should I be safe and call the vet for a Sunday night emergency c-section, or should I wait until tomorrow morning? Any advice/story/experience is welcome. Thank you in advance.