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  1. Should be thankful that almost every answer concontradicts itself. The answer in the material is different to the options
  2. I’m sorry it seems aggressive but I spent an hour reading over the original replies in 2010 when the original person asked for help. And was shocked that the common response was that if he couldn’t figure out the answers on his own then he doesn’t deserve to be a breeder. I found that attitude awful. The poor guy was asking for help from people with more knowledge and got slammed for it. I guess I was a little upset when I wrote the post! bur those people had not even done the exam.
  3. I am Doing my open book VCA prefix exam and I am struggling to find the answers in the material that was given to me I have looked and seen that when people of asked for help before no one has been very forthcoming. But this exam hasn’t been looked at in over 15 years it’s still refers to the code of ethics 2005 and one of the questions still says pending update from 2011 we are in 2020. If anyone is willing to put their attitude of ( if u want to breed you should know the answers) I’d like to see you answer it based on the small information sheets they give you aside. Then please let me know. thank you so much Jade
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