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  1. Hey guys, I have done quite a bit of training with my girl Nala who is a Bordercollie x Kelpie and now shes well over 1.5 years old I would love to get her into some agility or heelwork to music or both! We have dabbled in both with guidance from youtube videos etc and she shows great potential in my eyes, so I'd love to compete with her one day! I am struggling to find trainers who offer help in getting started in these sports in my area though. I'm on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Can anyone recommend a trainer in my area please?! Thank you in advance
  2. It's super important to find out WHY he is doing this. Has he always done it or is it a new behaviour? If it's new, what has changed in his life - is he getting less exercise since your mum hasn't been well, less mental stimulation & play, less treats even if moneys tight from medical bills, is your mum having to go out more often for appointments, is HE suffering medical issues or pain himself being a slightly older dog? Hope you can find a solution and that your mum feels better soon!
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