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  1. I think it's odd that a vet would euthanise an animal that did not need to be euthanised or just 'because' the owner wanted to. Something not right there.
  2. What due diligence have you done on the breeder? I would be very reluctant to purchase from a breeder I knew nothing about or one I hadn't met/ got to know over a period of time while researching breeds etc..The fact you emphasise the money aspect raises a lot of red flags. Also, what questions has the breeder asked of you- ie: how have they ascertained you are a suitable home for their pup?
  3. I had a Cav who started to do this at about 5 years of age. I would carry her the rest of the way home. Although, if I let her off-lead, she would walk- albeit slowly the rest of the way.
  4. I was wondering the same thing... the most obvious thing for me was no mention of training or setting structure, boundaries, enrichment etc...
  5. Hi there, I have a 7yo working line Shepherd who had quite extensive skin issues when I got him as a rehome. My first thought was diet. I quickly got him off chicken/ chicken by-products/ poultry meal as well as beef. I also eliminated any carbohydrate- rice, potato, plus egg and anything dairy. I researched dry food carefully and found one with the main ingredient being fish and lamb with no poultry meal or carbs. I mix about 1 cup of kibble with the rest of his dinner made up of any combination of fresh lamb, sardines, lamb liver, salmon skin, white fish, pork, Turkey wings, duck feet etc.. I chop and change the raw meats, and add broccoli & grated zucchini. The meat is human grade, and you will find offal fairly cheap at most markets. The only other thing I did in combination with the dietary change is treat him for mites. While a skin scraping did not show them, the vet said they aren't always apparent on a skin scraping. Some dogs are prone to mite issues, they live naturally in small numbers on the dogs but can proliferate in times of stress, causing intense itching and fur loss, esp around the eyes, nose and up the legs. These areas then become infected and weepy. Since I have changed his diet and treated for mites, his fur has grown back and he looks like a different dog. I would have zero faith in a vet who was simply treating the symptoms (cortisone etc) and doing nothing overly useful in terms of figuring out the cause.
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