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  1. The breeder did actually tell me she was going to flag the microchip so that we couldn't transfer ownership. That's what I'm confused about, can she actually do this even though we own the dog and none of this was our wrong doing? We want to work this out in a friendly manner, but the breeder was quite aggressive.
  2. No intention to breed. Will probably desex, just haven't got around to it. But this should have nothing to do with transferring ownership. And he does have papers, etc.
  3. I really appreciate the responses everyone. Yes, he is registered with the council and wears the tag. There's no animosity between the breeder and us, we have only spoken once and I was too in shock to be angry. We would be more than happy to keep in touch with the breeder if they agree to do the transfer. I guess I will see what PetSafe say on Monday.
  4. That is a great idea, thankyou Scratch.
  5. Thankyou for all your replies. I will definitely give PetSafe a call. When you say to just send the form in anyway, do I just leave it unsigned?
  6. So the issue may be purely because he's unsterilised? I will have to enquire and see if this is all she wants?
  7. Hi all, I am really hoping that someone can help me here, particularly if you are a breeder yourself. I will try to make this short... A few months ago we purchased an 11 month old dog off Gumtree. The previous owner had purchased the dog from a registered breeder. The previous owner forgot to change ownership details for the microchip. So fast forward a few months, I finally got around to printing off the transfer of ownership form, which needs the previous owner's signature. Well the previous owner is officially the breeder as the other guy forgot to transfer. So I contacted the breeder asking if they could sign the form. This did not go well. It turns out the previous owner signed a contract against reselling the dog and also saying that he must sterilise the dog before 12 months (he is unsterilised). So the breeder is refusing to transfer ownership to us. Please tell me where we stand here! 1. Does this mean the breeder still owns the dog, even though we have paid for him and he is now part of our family? 2. If the dog was to become lost and his microchip scanned, would he get returned to the breeder because she is still listed as the owner? 3. Any advice on where to go from here to get him transferred to our name?
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