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  1. Thanks, that's really helpful. I'd thought briefly it might have been a different tooth but it was so small I wasn't sure. You're right, it is dark coloured and I'll have it checked out by the vet. Do you think, if it needs to be removed, because it's a smaller tooth it will cost less than the $500 first extraction?
  2. Hi everyone. My 4 year old dog had a fractured tooth removed a couple of months ago and I've only recently noticed there seems to have been a bit that wasn't taken out, after she's started whimpering while eating again. Don't know if this is the cause but I can't see anything else, her teeth are pearly white otherwise. Does anyone know if this is something that's done? Was it a mistake, or intentional? Or am I just looking at it wrong, and it's not part of the tooth at all? I'll have to take her back to the vet but just wanted some opinions on this, as it's pretty frustrating. Also, anything else that I can't see that might be a cause for the whimpering? She's fine otherwise, playing normally. Sorry for the bad picture, might be able to get a better one tomorrow.
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