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  1. Well, there are no autopsy results yet but the breeder has offered our family the pup that she had retained as she feels so awful about what happened. She is flying here on Sunday. My blood pressure is through the roof and have so many mixed emotions. So heartbroken that the breeder is saying goodbye to the pup she has been bonding with, anxious about the flight, still processing the trauma of what happened, but then excited to welcome our new family member. Fingers crossed it all goes well this weekend.
  2. I was going to use air transport and should have
  3. And if trips are too long for puppies then professional transport companies shouldn't be offering the service.
  4. Yep, 100% agree I need to wait for the autopsy results and I'm not blaming anyone at this point. She was 9.5 weeks old. I am just keen to hear if others have had similar stories.
  5. Yes, it was road transport. I'm kicking myself now for not choosing air transport.
  6. Hi all, My puppy died over the weekend whilst being transported from Qld to SA. The breeder has requested and paid for an autopsy through Adelaide University clinic. I won't name the transport company, however I am keen to know if this has happened to others? I guess more will be known when the results of the autopsy are available but to me it appears she died from dehydration and organ failure from that. I don't breed dogs but we do breed horses and cattle so have some relevant knowledge re animal health and we transport our own animals all over the country for competitions. It's been a
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