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  1. I'll look into a drier. I've bought a few tools to make grooming work for us, as well as some leave in conditioner, and we've started on grooming manners. At the groomer tomorrow we'll be going through the points you've made!
  2. Thanks all for the advice, some great information here and some stuff we probably should have asked our groomer earlier! Training grooming manner especially is something we should have researched and worked through. We have absolutely been bribing Bob and it's a bad solution as you mentioned. We will take your suggestions on board and start getting this show on the road! Bob is groomed monthly to ensure he can see easily and his feet and bum are trimmed nicely. Our groomers have never suggested anything to do differently so we assumed it was all good. We do ask after every groom and have never had a bad word. That groomer is busy for a few weeks so we're off to a new groomer and will be getting a short cut. We'll be asking our new groomer a bunch of questions as you've suggested. Thanks so much for the advice, I'd Googled a lot of this stuff but there is so much info and so many tools it's daunting. I thought asking people who could answer our situation would be best and to be honest you have given some fantastic info, so again, thanks for taking the time!
  3. Bob reacts badly to drontal, these use the same medication as a number of other wormers. After searching and sifting through ingredients we settled on milpro which seems to do the job and not turn him into a hyper unstoppable destruction machine. My advice is to try something else, look at the ingredients and see if you can find something else that should do the same job.
  4. Bob likes them, but isn't super excited. He's never finished the ones he has, but that's true of anything that takes more than 5 minutes.
  5. So our little (7 months) guy loves running into the water, but only up to his armpits (legpits?). We use a strap style harness for the beach as it's easier to rinse out. This leads to matting where the harness is near his legs and on his chest. We rinse him on returning from the beach if he really gets wet, but admittedly could be more proactive here. Brushing with Bob is a challenge as the grooming brush is possibly the most exciting toy in existence. We use treats to entice him to behave, but grooming is a 2 person affair for the most part. We wait until he's dry after washing, then brush as best we can. We have a 2 sided pin and brush style, but mostly use the pin side as the brush side is near useless. He's to the groomer every month for face, feet and bum trims. We leave his hair au natural otherwise. He's super floofy when he comes back from the groomer, but that settles down over a few days. Maybe this frizz isn't helping? Anyway, just after some advice to keep this matting at bay and to keep his coat in good condition. I would say he has a wavy coat (not straight or super curly). Any tools, anti matting spray or any tips welcome!
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