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  1. Oh, no, I havent given vitamin e as a supplement. But i will try that! Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone! I have the sweetest 15 year old great dane puppy. We noticed he has thin areas of fur like around his ears, eyes, and joints. Ive attached pictures for reference. My partner is concerned. It is spring so I wonder if its seasonal. Otherwise he is healthy with no scratching, his fur is shiny and soft, and I have him on a balanced raw diet. Before that he was on kibbles and his fur wasn't shiny, but switching food sources hasnt made his coat fuller. He also gets salmon oil with his food. We took him to the vet who basically...told us it can be anything. Is this a cause for concern??
  3. Does anyone else have this issue? We had this issue on both kibble and raw diet (originally on kibble but now on raw to help with poop and other issues) where he just expresses his anal glands randomly. There will be wet spots on the couch or on the bed (our blankets tonight!!!!!) and it is a godawful powerful fishy smell. I have not had this problem with other dogs before!!! His health is fine. He poos normally, solid poos and overall good health. Having butt juice on the furniture is NOT fun.
  4. I think that is it for the puppies that he feeds them right now. Thanks for the advice!
  5. Yes, I was worried about that but I read to continue the diet of whatever the breeder had them on! I have my eyes on the Blackhawk Fish and Potato kibbles for the puppy.
  6. Hmm, it says fresh chicken frames so I am assuming there is some bone? It's just chicken frame mince that he buys it seems. Ohhh, and yes, looks like there is a facebook for the great dane club here!
  7. I am getting an 8 week old great dane puppy and my breeder said he feeds them this: https://www.meysmeats.com.au/product/10kg-pet-mince/ and adds calcium carbonate powder which he mixes into the food. Is this raw diet okay for the great dane puppy or should I be looking into kibbles instead? A lot of posts I read said not to add calcium supplements in general for great danes.
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