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  1. I think that is it for the puppies that he feeds them right now. Thanks for the advice!
  2. Yes, I was worried about that but I read to continue the diet of whatever the breeder had them on! I have my eyes on the Blackhawk Fish and Potato kibbles for the puppy.
  3. Hmm, it says fresh chicken frames so I am assuming there is some bone? It's just chicken frame mince that he buys it seems. Ohhh, and yes, looks like there is a facebook for the great dane club here!
  4. I am getting an 8 week old great dane puppy and my breeder said he feeds them this: https://www.meysmeats.com.au/product/10kg-pet-mince/ and adds calcium carbonate powder which he mixes into the food. Is this raw diet okay for the great dane puppy or should I be looking into kibbles instead? A lot of posts I read said not to add calcium supplements in general for great danes.
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